Common misconceptions about window film include:

It will kill my plants!

On the contrary, most plants do better with window film, because they don't “burn” on sunny days.

It's shiny stuff...

Unless someone requests a highly reflective film, most films we install for residential and small commercial applications are designed with very low reflectivity. Even clear glass reflects at certain times of day at particular angles, and window film reacts similarly.

It's too dark!

Our most popular films are neutral in appearance and will not make the outdoors look gray.

It will scratch...

Special scratch resistant coatings on most of our window films stand up well to normal every day wear and tear, and make cleaning and maintenance trouble free.

It won't last...

Our products use a clear distortion-free adhesive system that has been specially designed for years of performance in demanding commercial and residential applications.

It will discolor...

The metal alloy used in our window films produces a highly stable colored film. There are no dyes or pigments put in the film, so there is nothing to change color.



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