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MadicoMadico films provide much more than attractive looks to buildings and homes. They also block almost 100% of the sun's UV rays, preventing fading to your furniture, walls, and other valuables, while keeping the heat out and ultimately reducing your heating and cooling bills. Madico is the oldest manufacturer of window films in the U.S. and is known for its line of architectural film as well as decorative films which make glass have an etched appearance.

Madico is especially well known for its safety and security products. From the branch of a tree or the errant throw of a baseball, to hurricane winds and violent explosions, Madico window films and attachment restraint systems are specially engineered to help increase your protection. They help protect some of the highest-profile buildings in the world, such as the Louvre, the Smithsonian, and Scotland Yard, as well as private homes everywhere.


SunScape Select films block almost 100% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, which play a major role in fading your drapes, furniture, artwork and even flooring. SunScape Select films rank among the highest quality films that can be purchased for your home, both in looks, quality and efficiency. Our designer films can significantly reduce solar heat gain, making your home more comfortable, while taming escalating energy costs and reducing glare.

Window Tint ChicagoSunScape Select can also make your home safer by providing shatter protection from wind, storms, errant golf balls and other flying glass hazards. SunScape Select Safety Films can help hold broken glass in place, greatly reducing the risk of flying glass fragments. Sunscape Select is the designer film line manufactured by Madico which carries one of the best standard warranties in the business.
» Skylight is using SL-28 Window Film




V-koolThe spectral selectivity in V-KOOL® window coatings is a significant breakthrough in Surface & Particle Science in the window film industry.Winner of the coveted Technology Of The Year Award in 1989, V-KOOL® coatings is the world’s first and only spectrally-selective window film that offers new possibilities to architects, interior designers, auto manufacturers, car and home owners.

V-KOOL retains its transparency in spite of the metal and adhesive coatings and does not interfere with visibility when applied to the windows. The coating blocks off infra-red heat and ultra-violet radiation without significantly reducing the visible transmittance. The glass is made shatter resistant by the film forming a permanent bond. V-Kool is typically the approved film for high-rise installations in Chicago.

Hüper Optik

Hüper OptikHüper Optik is proud to create the world’s first ceramic-coated films which compliment today’s growing demands for using large architectural glass structure for buildings with their excellent solar control performance, high clarity and low reflectivity. The unparalleled durability of these ceramic-based films is assured with a 10-year product warranty. The superb heat rejection properties also play a vital role in conserving energy with significant reduction in utility costs.

Hüper Optik® is the smarter choice as the solar control solution for your residence. The excellent performance of these films exceeds the growing expectations for comfort, aesthetics, safety and security at home. Hüper Optik® nano-ceramic films not only greatly reduce the total solar heat build-up in the house by up to 70%, they also cut off more than 99% of ultra-violet rays which cause skin problems and fading of interiors. While protecting exquisite home furnishings, the non-reflective films have the added feature of low reflection at night and the view is therefore not obscured.
» Living area is using Huper Optik Sech


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